Combination Fireplace/Braai


Best price in Cape Town. Guaranteed!

Freestanding  Combination wood burning fireplace/braai wood burning fireplace/braai made of 2.5mm fabricated mild steel. Fires screen included.

Now you can heat your room and use your fireplace to braai!

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Progress Group guarantees you will not find this product at a better price in Cape Town. Act now, as this is subject to local availability.

Standard unit includes

  • Wood Grate & Pan
  • Std. Cowl & Base
  • 3.6m (3 x 1200mm) flue (Diam:200mm)
  • Grid level and braai grid
  • Fire screen
  • Damper

Technical Data

Overall Dimensions Grate & Pan
Width 760mm 740mm
Height 950mm
Depth 450mm 448mm
Flue Size Outlet 200mm
Heating Capacity 85m2

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