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Fuel type pellet
Nominal heat output at max 8.00 kW
Nominal heat output max 2.40 kW
Nominal performance 90.50%
Hopper capability 20.00 lt
Hourly consumption at min 0.70 kg/h
Hourly consumption at max 1.80 kg/h
Runtime at min 20.00 h
Runtime at max 7.00 h
Heatable volume 197 m³ (*)
Diameter of smoke outlet pipe 8/10 cm
Weight 130 kg
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Pellet Fuelled Fireplaces

Pellet-fuelled stove with a classic-contemporary design. It has a Black painted steel casing and a cast iron door.

The AIR versions can also be controlled via an optional remote control allowing you to: programme the on/off times, set the desired temperature, adjust power and ventilation.
To view the CAP Pellet Fuelled Fireplace in our wide range of fireplaces – click here.

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