• Mounting of Indoor Unit to the interior wall of the room.
  • Mounting of Outdoor Unit on a bracket set, located on the same exterior wall, not exceeding 3 meters of piping between Indoor and Outdoor Units. Any additional piping will be charged accordingly.
  • Estimated installation time is approximately 3-4 hours per wall split unit.


  • Necessary electrical connections for air-conditioners from the distribution board by a certified electrician, if required (not included in installation charges).
  • We typically utilize and attempt to use an existing plug point for air conditioners up to 18000 Btu/hr, as long as the circuit being used is not overloaded with other appliances. For unsuccessful existing points or for air-conditioners larger than 18000 Btu/hr, a dedicated electrical connection would be required (not included in installation charges).
  • All electrical connections exclude a COC certificate, which will incur additional costs if required.
  • Depending on your location, additional traveling costs may be applicable. Please inquire if you are uncertain.
  • Additional charges for extra gas piping, drainage piping, or other materials will be billed separately and must be settled on the day of installation via an online purchase or EFT payment. If you prefer EFT payment, please notify us so we can send an invoice accordingly.
  • A pre-installation form needs to be completed prior to all installations. If not completed beforehand, Progress Group cannot be held responsible for any additional charges due to further installation requirements. The pre-installation form can be found here and will also be sent to you via email.
  • In case the installation takes place at heights requiring scaffolding, extra costs may apply. This must be discussed with Progress Group beforehand.
  • Any repair or plumbing costs due to accidental damage to concealed water or plumbing pipes within the walls, unless previously informed in writing to Progress Group.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to protect all valuables and property in the room where installation will take place. While we fully trust our professional installers, it’s advised to minimize potential accidental damage and to have someone present during the installation.
  • Any civil, building, or painting works are not included.

Warranty Claims:

  • All labor costs for warranty claims on installations not carried out by an approved Progress Group installer will be charged to the customer.

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